captain’s log
On September 1st, with six weeks of down-time ahead of me, I flew from the BVI to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to visit with friends and take a few weeks of Spanish language classes.
The Dominican Republic has several resort areas that have all-inclusive resorts along with nice beaches. The resorts are popular mostly with Europeans and Canadians mainly in the winter months. We stayed one weekend at an all-inclusive resort in Juan Dolio which is a town on the south coast about 45 minutes east of Santo Domingo. The resort was a three-star resort and with off-season rates, was a great bargain. Our two-day stay included standard room, all meals, beverages, and nightly entertainment. The beverages included “Presidente” beer, liquors, wine and the usual sodas etc. All meals were buffet style with a good assortment of dishes. The beach area was nice and provided lounge chairs and had a bar nearby, however, we mostly hung around the pool area. The evening shows were absolutely incredible with beautiful Dominican dancers dancing in colorful garb choreographed to energetic latin music . On weekends, some of the resorts close to Santo Domingo, including this one, fill with Dominicans from Santo Domingo which is ok as it adds a lot of color and activity!
After the weekend stay at the resort, I started a two week Spanish language course at a school located in Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial area. Zona Colonial is centrally located in Santo Domingo and is the heart of what is known as "the oldest Spanish city in the Americas". Zona Colonial, which was originally settled by Bartolomeo, the younger brother of Christopher Columbus, is now a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The area has been somewhat restored and houses some very trendy local bars and restaurants. Definitely worth a visit on a trip to Santo Domingo. The two weeks of Spanish classes were quite enjoyable as I had some very cute, lively and fun Dominican teachers. My Spanish has definitely improved!
The day after finishing Spanish lessons, I was off to Victoria, British Columbia which is one of my favorite off season hangouts. A beautiful, clean and friendly city that offers all kinds of activities, Victoria, the Capital city of British Columbia is on the bottom end of Vancouver Island. Nearby the city are parks, hiking and biking trails amongst huge old-growth trees and amazing scenery. I like the cooler climate this time of year as it is stifling hot in the Caribbean during September. I spent my down time in Victoria mainly bicycling in and around the city, working out at the gym and visiting with friends.
Part of October will also be spent in Victoria, then it will be back to the BVI for the start of the new charter season!
September 2007
Sunday, September 30, 2007