captain’ log
     February began with my last few days in Santo Domingo. Oh what a good time I had! I made many new friends and got to practice my spanish a lot. When learning a new language, total immersion is really the best way to go!
     On February 6th, I flew to Fort Lauderdale for the beginning of my two-week stay in Florida. It was noticeable that the Fort Lauderdale area was not what it used to be. After a few hurricanes, the housing slump and mortgage crisis, it is a different city. Not as busy as it normally is with tourists and several businesses having shut down, it felt a bit like a ghost town. I'm sure over time it will come back to it's old glorious self.
     The main reason for my trip to Florida was to attend the Miami Boat Show. I hadn't been the the show for many years and it certainly was different this time around. Much bigger than I remembered. I planned two days at the show but really needed four to see it all. The Miami Convention Center was brimming with all kinds of neat displays. For anyone that owns a boat or is planning on owning one, a visit to a boat show should be a definite must.
     After my time in Florida, it was back to work in the BVI chartering on a Virgin Traders 56ft motor yacht. It's nice to do a bit of traveling but it's also nice to be back home in a regular routine. I know what you're thinking: how can living in the Caribbean, the land of warm weather and eternal sunshine, be a regular routine? Well folks, that's a closely guarded secret. After all we don't want everyone doing it otherwise we wont have any tourists to work with:)
February 2008
Friday, February 29, 2008