captain’s log
April has come and gone. This month we had more much needed rain to  help keep things green and top off the water cisterns. Two cyclical events occur in our area this time of year. Firstly, the visiting Humpback Whales that we generally see December through April have all pretty much left the area for their feeding grounds in the North. Secondly, the Laughing Gulls have returned. This interesting and sometimes annoying black and white sea gull arrives in the BVI in April and disappears in November.
April was a power boating month for me. I did a few one-day checkouts for people renting power boats followed by a week on a motor yacht with a family from Isle of Man. We had a great week of snorkeling and enjoying the many good restaurants around the BVI. Isle of Man is situated midway between England and Ireland in the Irish Sea. It certainly is a long journey to travel from Isle of Man to the BVI! It is interesting to note that Europeans mostly take two week vacations whereas North Americans tend to take multiple shorter vacations of a fews days to a week.
April finished up with a charter on a Virgin Traders motor yacht with a couple getting married on a beach on St. John. Nicolle and Tony from West Virginia exchanged vows on Hawksnest Beach on the south side of St. John on a beautiful sunny day. They spent their honeymoon cruising around the BVI on the motor yacht “West Virgin’Yah” enjoying snorkeling, beaching, lobster dinners and beautiful star-lit nights. See the photo album in the gallery under “Wedding in Paradise”.
May will start out busy at this point, but is slow in the second half. I will have to get out and drum up some more business to keep busy. I am looking to buy a Nikon D80 digital SLR camera but they seem difficult to get as they are such a popular camera and the dealers have been sold out of them. I plan to start up some on-line shopping stores which will be separate websites and linked to this website. The initial stores will include apparel, souvenirs and photo related products. My down time will be kept busy with photo projects in the BVI and elsewhere.
I have terminated my home phone number and dial-up internet service connection. Dial-up just doesn’t cut it any more. I need serious mobile broadband to be able to keep my website and future on-line stores up and running smoothly. Fortunately, the BVI is now in the process of opening up the telecommunications market which should see better phone and internet services.
My old email addresses: and are no longer in service.
April 2007
Monday, April 30, 2007