captain’s log
In the BVI we know it is summer season when the Puerto Ricans arrive in droves in their sport fishing yachts. Countless sport fishers of varied lengths travel the 60 to 80 miles from either Fajardo or San Juan Puerto Rico to the BVI, mostly on long weekends beginning at Easter and ending after labour day. They are known locally as “The Puerto Rican Navy” as they travel and raft up together in sometimes very large groups. They raft their boats together in the various bays and anchorages around the BVI and spend hours in the water off the back of their boats with drink in hand and end the day with a barbecue on board. Hispanics, including Puerto Ricans are a very sociable and family oriented group of people. I have seen two raft-ups of fifteen to twenty boats each in Cane Garden Bay alone. At Norman Island, the younger Puerto Ricans take over the Willy T floating bar in the evenings.
May was a month of both sail and power boat charters. People often ask which is better, sail or power boats? I tell them, “it depends, I enjoy both”. If you want speed and maximum comfort, go power. If you want leisure, quiet and a little comfort, go sail. Sailing is more work, but it is enjoyable work and a sense of accomplishment when you harness the power of the wind to move the boat. I prefer catamaran sail boats over mono-hull sailboats for the space and stability. Catamarans now seem to be outnumbering mono-hulls in the BVI whereas ten years ago it was the other way around. The BVI’s are ideal for catamaran sailing as the distance between islands is not great and The Sir Frances Drake Channel offers relative protection from huge seas. That said, I have two mono-hull charters booked in June........
In future Captain’s Logs look for features on Richard Branson’s Necker Island, the Willy T floating bar and restaurant and other special places of interest in the BVI.
May 2007
Thursday, May 31, 2007