captain’s log
It is the month of May and I am in Victoria British Columbia sorting out documents needed to finalize my business registration back in the BVI. The weather can be quite nice this time of year in Victoria and indeed it is. Among the things I keep in storage for my occasional visits to Victoria is a Norco bicycle. Victoria is indeed one of the most cycle friendly cities in North America with paved off-road bike trails and marked bike lanes on many of the city streets. I always put lots of kilometers on my bike every time I am in Victoria.
This time while visiting Victoria, I was fortunate to witness the stop-over of the Clipper Round The World Sailing Race in Victoria’s ever beautiful Inner Harbour. The race starts in Liverpool, England, crosses 5 oceans, visits 5 continents, involves 10 identically built 68ft. yachts, travels some 35,000 miles and ends back in Liverpool some 10 months later. Each of the 10 yachts represents a different city and country and carries an international crew.
The race circumnavigates the world and is broken into 13 individual races with stop-overs in various countries for maintenance, sightseeing, relaxation and crew changes. The stop-over in Victoria was at the end of race 8 which was a grueling 5600 mile trip from Qingdao China across the sometimes unfriendly North Pacific Ocean.
The racing yachts sitting in Victoria’s Inner Harbour Marina, bustling with activity, certainly created a lot of interest from on-lookers and provided some great opportunities for photography. The yachts departed Victoria on May 17th to start the next race which was from Victoria to Panama where they would transit the Panama Canal to the Caribbean and then on to New York and Liverpool. Check out the photo album “Victoria May 2006” in the Gallery. For more information on the Clipper race, log on to
Clipper Round The World Yacht Race
Friday, May 19, 2006